Meet Farnaz Salmani

Farnaz Salmani grew up in a country full of unique and beautiful traditions, artistically abundant with a rich history. A place full of women whose styles are tinged with their dramatic and rich backgrounds and history along with their fun and playful and yet very strong characters since they had to live and work marked by gender inequality. That is what makes the style of Iranian women an “important element of their identity”. The only way for women to balance their powerful characters along with their sophisticated and feminine side was through the right choice of style.

Farnaz personally witnessed this struggle and grew up with this daily challenge as a Middle Eastern woman, strongly impacting her and pushing her to bring forward what she learned and inherited from her culture and traditions, while mixing it with the soul of modern women, to reflect today’s young Middle Eastern women. The woman that dares to dream, fight for her passion and never gives up!


Farnaz is constantly inspired, even by the simplest things around her – whether it is good music, a nice 50s/60s Hollywood movie, or even a beautiful antique furniture in an old vintage store. Farnaz loves stories of women who broke the rules and pushed boundaries and stood up for their beliefs, and the most key elements of her designs are femininity and masculinity!

Quote from the designer

“I was lucky enough to be raised in a loving family, alongside inspiring women with strong characters often too busy with other matters to attend than digging into the complexity of choosing the right pieces for their outfits. This is definitely the starting point for the launch of my own brand & what nourished my desire to design fashion for women, to reflect the boldness of the women I grew up around, their work and their personal lifestyles.”