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by SAMIRA MORSHEDI 20 Dec 2020 5 Comments

The holidays may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous while staying safe at home or just going out for a grocery or get a to go coffee. I am so very excited to introduce some holiday outfit ideas from SA\MO Fall collection. Today on the blog, I want to show you some of the collection pieces, and share different ideas about how to style them while inviting you to shop pieces that you will love to wear all season long.

First Look

The leather-look pants are essential year-round and easy to dress up for the holidays so start with this patent leather pants by SA\MO Collection for just $135 with high waist, slim fit, ankle-length with front button and zip fastening features is a major plus for the holidays. Pair it with SA\MO's top-rated blouse for only $119. You can pair this look with Amina Muaddi crystal-embellished Gilda mules  for some sparkles and Hermes cross body red bag to have a touch of color in to your look.

Finish with this Prada logo-plate Wide Headband from Farfetch and you'll be ready to celebrate Christmas or New Year's in style! Happy Holidays! 



Second Look

Winter is here and this beige quilted coat by SA\MO Collection will be on repeat for the coming months! It's a classic structured piece that lends sophistication to any outfit. Match your look with the outfit shown here, from SA\MO Collection - the Plaid detailed crop top  only for $79 and the High Waisted Carrot Leg belted jeans for $145.

Pair your look with Chanel classic shoulder bag with a gold chain, and the Golden Goose Superstar leopard-print low-top sneakersAt last, complete your look with a touch of jewelry, Laura Lombardi Mella gold-tone hoop earrings for just $149. Now you are ready to go out for a grocery or getting a to-go coffee and enjoy your holidays!


Third Look

The padded shoulders are the most this season! This black Shoulder Pad crop Top only for $89 from our Fall collection is a perfect combo with the patent leather-look pants  by SA\MO Collection paired with an oversize Stand Collar Jacquard jacket from our this season collection.

Oversize jackets are one of the perks of cold weather, and this SA\MO Stand Collar Jacquard Jacket with its light fabric is a great choice that you can wear with jeans, leggings, or a skirt ( Jacquard Mini Skirt from SA\MO)!

The Hermes cross body constance bag with its golden buckle and the flat Fendi FF black boots take the outfit to the next level. You can get some similar options from other cheaper brands as well. Finish up your total black look with these Gold gorgeous pearl double G earrings from Farfetch which offer the perfect finishing touch to this eclectic look! 

Fourth Look

Holiday season is around the corner, and mostly we are going to stay home thanks to Covid-19! The all black outfit is one that never goes out of style and made for a comfy errand run!

The deconstructed shoulder window stone tassels sweatshirt by SA\MO Collection now for $101.50 is the perfect choice to spice up our holiday season cozy avant garden look. This fun piece that reflects the luxury sweatshirt trend with its one side open shoulder and attached tassel details, can be perfectly pair with SA\MO's Black wash skinny fit jeans with visible front buttons which you can wear over and over year-round. The matte leather BV Tire boots from Bottega Veneta complement the black skinny fit jeans.

Finish the style with a super chic Laura Lombardi Mella gold-tone hoop earrings and a dark red rouge from Chanel beauty to give your look a pop-up reddish colour.

Now, you are set to stay at home and safe while you are feeling cozy and cool.


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22 Aug 2022 Alaleh

To whom it may concern,

I hope everything is fine with you.
I love the designs and the uniqueness of your brand, and I would love to collaborate with you and share posts and stories on my Instagram account.
My IG ID: @allallehh

Please kindly let me know if you are interested

Thank you,


22 Dec 2020 Samin P

These looks are so stylish! I am in love with these high-end outfit and accessory combinations 😍

21 Dec 2020 Sabrina

Love the post, keep up the great work Samira!

21 Dec 2020 Nazi

Beautiful outfits, want them all!

21 Dec 2020 Sahar

Great looks, love them all!

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