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by SAMIRA MORSHEDI 29 Dec 2020 9 Comments
2020 was anything but ordinary, so naturally, New Year's Eve outfit ideas have gone in a different direction this year. Sweatpants fatigue aside, the chances of us zipping up a sequin-covered cocktail dress are slim to none, which is where festive, couch-appropriate looks for impressing Zoom guests come into play. Just because you won't be packed in like sardines with strangers at a sweaty house party (one upside to quarantine) doesn't mean you should wear the same hoodie you've lived in for the past eight months to mark the new year.
The end of 2020 calls for celebration, and that's reason enough to get dressed up with your roommates, your partner, or your house plants as you ring in the new year. With a shiny, bright light at the end of the deep, dark tunnel that is the coronavirus pandemic, we're approaching January 1 with renewed optimism—and the hope that things can only go up from here (right??)
So bust out the bubbly, set your cheese board, and throw on one of the New Year's Eve outfit ideas below from SA/MO.
These outfits are great for dancing with your partner, taking pictures with your family or singing your favourite song of last year on repeat like every other Friday night.
First Look
Top: SA/MO Collection 
Pumps: Amina Muaddi 
Earrings: Isabel Marant
Candle: Fornasetti 
Second Look
Dress: SA/MO Collection 
Mules: Amina Muaddi
Earrings: Jeniffer Behr 
Candle: Dolce & Gabbana 
Third Look
Blouse: SA/MO Collection 
Pants: SA/MO Collection
Sandals: Aquazzura
Earrings: Rosantica
Face Mask:Rosantica
Candle: Fornasetti


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